Smooth spectrogram in log scale

Hi there,

In the Simple FFT Tutorial, we can clearly see that lower frequencies are less detailed than the higher ones because of the logarithmic scale:

So how can you generate a smooth result no matter what the frequency is? Is it only simple interpolation? Thanks.

This is an example of a smooth spectrogram (Signalizer plugin):

Quick answer (not much time):
When doing short-time Fourier transforms (which is what is typically done for spectrograms), you calculate an FFT over sliding overlapping windows of samples.
You typically have 2 parameters: a window size and a step size (AKA hop size).
In principle, you could calculate a new FFT for each sample, but that will be very slow… So, you typically do it once every say 128 or 256 samples (that is your step/hop size).
Then for the window size, if you select a large one (say 16384), you will have a lot more detail for the lower frequencies, but the results will not be nicely “localized” in time, as your results cover a time period of 16384 samples.
Try with window size 4096 and step/hop size 256 or 512 and see if that’s more like what you expect.