So, whats this look and feel stuff?

I hear a lot about look and feel, I kinda understand what it is, not entirely sure how to do it, but that will come later. Do you guys have any examples of a custom look and feel in your apps, vsts? I’m dying to see some examples!


No code examples (honestly, it’s not all that fancy), but my new plugin uses a custom LookAndFeel class:

I use it to set the font for the ComboBox, to have my own custom background (i.e. none) for a TextButton, and to draw my own rotary Slider style.

Search the archives for Gekon to see a much more complete LookAndFeel class.

Sean Costello

Yeah, thats what I want to do, No documentation?!!??

There is documentation. It’s right there in the ‘docs’ folder. Run ‘index.html’, click on the ‘Classes’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Look and Feel’ class. Click that link and it’s all right there. Read though it and you’ll get the idea.