I was just wondering… there is no cross platform socket code in JUCE ???

I’ve seen the URL class, but AFAIK, there is no way to use a usual socket object to connect to/create a TCP/UDP server.

What is the state for this ?

I don’t know what Jules’ plans are, but I just did it myself - sockets are pretty simple, and basically the same on all platforms (or at least, on windows, linux and osx anyway). You can see the code (UDP only) in my Mouse To OSC program, here:, in the NiallsSocketLib folder of the tarball/zip/dmg.

I was incredibly lazy about releasing it though, so the code in the dmg is newer than the code for the other platforms (the others aren’t quite compatible with osx).

  • Niall.

HawkNL is useful for that, or of course the generic libcurl.