SoftKeyboard behavior on Android depends on the keyboard installed


I am struggling a little bit with the Android keyboard the last days.

I have an app with a label. It is set to editable. In iOS, when the label is selected the keyboard pops up and I can enter text. Everything fine.

On Android however, the behavior is not that straight forward and I do not get the point.

  • Using the simulator (any Android version from 4.0 to 6.0) everything is fine. I select the label, Keyboard comes up. I can type and the labels displays what I wrote.
  • Using a Huawei T1 10 (Android 4.4.4) everything is fine.
  • Using an Asus ZenPad 10 (Android 6.0) when selecting the label a keyboard comes up. When I type the label does not change. As soon as I hit enter the labels switches to the first letter of the proposed word showing up above the keyboard. But only the first letter. And even if it is a letter I never even used.
  • Using an Amazon Firepad: When I select the label no keyboard shows up at all.

Funny thing: As soon as I install a custom keyboard (anyone seems fine) on the Asus or the Firepad and select that one as the default keyboard everything is fine and all devices behave the same.

Did anyone stumble on this behavior bevor? Any suggestions how I can work with the label without having to tell some of my users that they need to switch their default keyboard?

Any help appreciated.