[SOLVED]aif file reader problem on some systems

Hi together

Some windows and osx users can't open their aif files. Other formats seems to work and even other aif files. I could not reproduce the issue on my windows and osx system. The files load without any issues. Following line seems to return nullptr and the file can not be loaded:

ScopedPointer<AudioFormatReader> audioFormatReader(audioFormat->createReaderFor(inputStream, true));

The file permissions seems to be ok. Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be? 


Ok, i see now what the problem is. It seems that additional sample pack aif's by ableton are encrypted. I really don't like that they used the aif filextension for this. They keep the users in the illusion that they have normal aif files that can be used in 3rd party samplers or other hosts.