[SOLVED] AudioProcessor.cpp isLayoutSupported errors in 4.3.0

getting “use of undeclared identifier” errors in AudioProcessor.cpp in my plugin project

method isLayoutSupported seems to be missing in 4.3.0 is there some mismatch in what was released - github branches etc ?

The version i seem to have in 4.3.0 in the header is this:

/** Checks if a particular layout is supported.

        @param set The AudioChannelSet which is to be probed.
        @see AudioChannelSet
    bool isLaycontainslayout (const AudioChannelSet& set) const;

IE isLaycontainslayout instead of isLayoutSupported.

What gives ?? is it “me” or “you” ? :slight_smile:

Ok - i think something got screwed. just checked the recent github - all is fine.

Assume - ME.