[SOLVED] CallOutBox not deleted

I got some crashes when using CallOutBox in a plugin if i close the editor when a CallOutBox without parent is open, and then re-open the editor, things like that.

It seems that such CallOutBoxes are not deleted correctly :

- launch the juce demo in debug -> widgets demo ->buttons demo.

- click the "Click to change colour..." button

- quit the app while the CallOutBox is open


this will trigger an assertion in DeletedAtShutdown::deleteAll()

jassert (getObjects().size() == 0);

Do you think about some way to avoid that?

Thanks! Should be ok now..

I'm seeing the same problem in my own application. Jules, did you fix this issue in the demo app, or in the library itself?

If it was in the demo app, would you mind sharing what you did to fix this problem with CallOutBoxes?

It was over a year ago - wherever the fix was you should be fine if you're using a newer version.

I don't my question was clear: If the fix was in the demo app, then I need to implement the same thing in my own program. I wouldn't get the fix automatically.

If the fix was in the library, then for some reason I'm still seeing the same thing happen in my program, using the head branch of JUCE.

OK, digging through GitHub, it looks like this was fixed Jan 8, 2014 with commit 7091121b2cbd1cfd0acea1517b3645ce506bb8a5.

I confirmed that my code includes this fix, but the error still occurs. I can't seem to set breakpoints in JUCE library code, I guess because of the way they get #included. Not sure what to try next...

Sounds like you need to add

to .llbdbinit in your ~\ folder

(See http://lldb.llvm.org/troubleshooting.html)


Great tip - thanks!