SOLVED: Can't addChangeListener() from inside OwnedArray

So I have a class set up as a ChangeBroadcaster. If I add that class as a member variable, I can call addChangeListener(this) during my main Component constructor. However, if I store the object in an OwnedArray, I am told that addChangeListener is unaccessible. Class objects are instantiated during the constructor via OwnedArray::add(Component*).

Is this the expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any confirmation/denial…

Nevermind. This turned out to have been caused by a typo on my part. I had declared Class : public Component, ChangeBroadcaster instead of Class : public Component, public ChangeBroadcaster. The typo caused the ChangeBroadcaster to be private instead of public and thus inaccessible.