[SOLVED] Can't create a .jucer project file in Windows

Hi everyone!

My name is Juan and I’m so happy to find Juce. First-timer here with the Framework and have just encountered a problem with creating a project.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I’ve unzipped Juce in different directories (Program files and outside of it)
  • The personal version and the education version show the same error so I guess there’s something wrong from my side.
  • I’ve also tried to save de project in different file location but again it’s not worked yet

Can anyone lend me a hand please?



HP Envy 15 - Intel i7-4712HQ 2.30GHZ - 12 GB Ram - Windows 10 Home version 1809

Have you tried saving to a path that doesn’t contain any space? In your screenshot, Juce Projects contains a space.

Hi McMartin!

Thanks a lot! Some co-workers adviced me to create the project in somewhere else outside the local drive, it worked! Though I’ll be trying your suggestion