[SOLVED] How to get current plugin format?


On the info box on a plugin, I am trying to display a string with the version number and format.
Is there a method like isVst or is64bit, or getWrapperName or something similar so that I can display something like:
"Format: 32bit VST".






Use the SystemStats class.



Thank you!

That solved half of it. Now the only thing I haven't gotten is the audio plugin format.

I've looked into PluginDescription,AudioPluginFormat, and AudioPluginFormatManager.

I can't seem to  get the current instance because they always return blank for like getName()


Check my post #14 in this thread


Use that with your AudioProcessor class’ variable wrapperType.



It was that enum in AudioProcessor that I was looking for. It was right under my nose.

Thank you for your help.