[Solved] Keeping custom options for exporters

Hi this might be a very basic question:
Is there a way to keep extra options for the exporters?
I want to enable AVX/AVX2 in VS2019, but each export from JUCE disables it as the project is generated from scratch.

If I understand what is written on https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/build/reference/arch-x64?view=vs-2019 correctly, enabling AVX (or AVX2) means passing the flag /arch:AVX (or /arch:AVX2) to the compiler. This is possible in Projucer thanks to the “Extra Compiler Flags” field of the exporter.

I hope this helps!

Perfect, thank you!

For anyone wondering: This will not check the box for the option in VS but will be used as a compile flag anyway.