[SOLVED] Latest tip broken in Xcode

As per this commit, AudioUnit PlugIns: Tidy up some AU wrapper code and fixed a bug which could lead the AU to report an incorrect AUChannelInfo , I get the following error:

And so does the rest of my team, so I have no idea how this one was missed!

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Fix will be on develop shortly. Thanks for reporting.

It was missed because the same code compiles fine when building AU plug-ins - which is what I tested. Never would have thought that the same code wouldn’t compile when building the AU hosting code - still not really sure why it’s behaving differently TBH.


Well hm, I would suppose the Plugin Host would show the same problem? Though I guess it shouldn’t matter…

Yes it did, but I didn’t build it. This needs to be added to the jenkins list anyway…

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Cool, your fix works. FYI, you could have got away with escaping the juce namespace around

static inline bool operator== (const AUChannelInfo& a, const AUChannelInfo& b) noexcept
    return (a.inChannels == b.inChannels && a.outChannels == b.outChannels);

I tested that locally and it worked, but all good.

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+1 to building all the things before checking changes in! Probably slow as hell to do, but worth it…

With the fix “AU: Fixed a compiler error when building AU hosts” my plugins no longer run.

I get “JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Array.h:271”

coming from the new code here:

                for (j = 0; j < supportedChannels.size(); ++j)
                  if (info.inChannels == channelInfo.getReference (j).inChannels && info.outChannels == channelInfo.getReference (j).outChannels)

The issue is supportedChannels has size 3 for me, but channelInfo has size 0. I am using the isBusesLayoutSupported() method of defining my channel config.

Yup. Fix will be on develop shortly.