[SOLVED] Latest tip broken in Xcode


As per this commit, AudioUnit PlugIns: Tidy up some AU wrapper code and fixed a bug which could lead the AU to report an incorrect AUChannelInfo , I get the following error:

And so does the rest of my team, so I have no idea how this one was missed!


Fix will be on develop shortly. Thanks for reporting.

It was missed because the same code compiles fine when building AU plug-ins - which is what I tested. Never would have thought that the same code wouldn’t compile when building the AU hosting code - still not really sure why it’s behaving differently TBH.



Well hm, I would suppose the Plugin Host would show the same problem? Though I guess it shouldn’t matter…


Yes it did, but I didn’t build it. This needs to be added to the jenkins list anyway…


Cool, your fix works. FYI, you could have got away with escaping the juce namespace around

static inline bool operator== (const AUChannelInfo& a, const AUChannelInfo& b) noexcept
    return (a.inChannels == b.inChannels && a.outChannels == b.outChannels);

I tested that locally and it worked, but all good.


+1 to building all the things before checking changes in! Probably slow as hell to do, but worth it…


With the fix “AU: Fixed a compiler error when building AU hosts” my plugins no longer run.

I get “JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Array.h:271”

coming from the new code here:

                for (j = 0; j < supportedChannels.size(); ++j)
                  if (info.inChannels == channelInfo.getReference (j).inChannels && info.outChannels == channelInfo.getReference (j).outChannels)

The issue is supportedChannels has size 3 for me, but channelInfo has size 0. I am using the isBusesLayoutSupported() method of defining my channel config.


Yup. Fix will be on develop shortly.