[Solved] Make PluginHostType class aware of Bitwig host

Simple request: add Bitwig as a known host type in the PluginHostType class.

We have some things that need to be done differently in Bitwig, so this would certainly help.

The executable file is called “Bitwig Studio.exe” on Windows.

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Added to the develop branch.

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I have the latest Harrison Mixbus T0m, is that included?

Not at the moment. What special behaviour do you want to add to your plug-ins?

None really just asking, I’ve a long way to go yet! Since Mixbus is Ardour and Linux related thought I’d ask.

I would also like to request the addition of the “Auval” tool as a known host.

It is indeed bad practice to handle this tool differently, but there are actually some things you cannot do while loaded in Auval; for example reading files belonging to the user etc. Things that work fine from within Logic, once loaded properly.

Really?? since which auval version?

It was actually something we noticed ca 2 years ago, and have been using a workaround since, by delaying file reading until auval is guaranteed to be finished (like 5-10 secs).

Otherwise, auval would crash and/or fail validation. I don’t actually remember if this was related to files in user’s home directory, or if it was related to files in a library location, or both.

(I have not re-tested this since, maybe no longer applicable in recent auval versions and/or macOS versions)

Maybe this happens only with a non-admin account?