[solved] MixerAudioSource blues

(solved) i switched the AudioSource to AudioTransportSource because this has the resamplingAudio functionality (thus getting rid of the ResamplingAudioSource) and gaining the repositionable functionality.

original question

I have implemented a MixerAudioSource but I’m stuck with positionable vs resampling audio problems.

I’m feeding into the mixer, using it’s AddInputSource() with an AudioSource as its input, which can be passed either an AudioFormatReaderSource or a ResamplingFormatReaderSource chained with an AudioFormatReaderSource (all inputs are coming from file sources)

I have it working, its sweet.

But, if I remove an input, with the removeInputSource() and then add it again it is still playing at its time position.

So, i’d like to be able to reposition the audio back to its starting position (or anywhere else) - but the AudioSource that is in the mixer doesn’t have the setNextReadPosition() and a PositionableAudioSource won’t accept the ResamplingAudioSource (it says it is incompatible)

How can I solve this?

this is a headless dynamic DLL, btw, not a plugin etc.