[Solved] Multicore issues with ProTools Mac


I’m experiencing very weird things with the RTAS build of an empty plugin (no DSP, empty GUI, remains idle after instantiation).

When I’m using an 8-core Mac Pro with the number of RTAS cores set to more than 2 in ProTools, the CPU usage (static, constant, when idle) gets very high (about 80%). This is when using a lot of instances of the plugin (about a hundred). When using only two RTAS cores (either disabling some on the octocore or when using a dual core processor), the CPU drops down to lower than 10%, as usual.

There is still a slight probability that it comes from something in my code (even if there is not much to be the culprit), but did someone experience such a thing as well?

False alarm, turned out there was a lock hidden deeply in the real-time thread… Damnit!

Anyway, if you experience some problems with 8 core MacPro (Nehalem) and ProTools, there are some (a bit old now) readings that mention some hyperthreading problems from within ProTools (but they might have corrected it now).