[Solved] No live build errors or warnings, but no Components listed?

I think I’ve accidentally switched off Live Edit/Build of my project in the Projucer, or something in my project makes it silently fail to produce a list of components.

Continuous Rebuild is ON. It does build everything (I can see it listing everything while compiling).
There are no errors or warnings (shows “(No Messages)”).
Yet, there are no Components listed, either.

I have:

  • Cleaned the build;
  • Restarted the Projucer;
  • Restarted my computer;
  • Tried with the develop branch (both Projucer and modules);
  • Reincluded all of the source files in the project.

But no luck, so far.

Anyone has an idea?

Can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before… Can you try one of the example projects like HelloWorld and see if it lists the components correctly?

Thanks for the reply, Ed.

Yeah, I have tried with the Demo project - all the demos are listed.

Once/if I find the culprit I will try to make something reproducible for you guys, but I can’t commit how long would that take, since I am quite busy at the moment. As with all of my posts about issues or questions I had, I will do my best to post a solution.

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This issue was an include - instead of including cmath, I have included math.h.

It would be awesome if the live build catches this and says something.