[Solved] Open GL rendering in Premiere Pro AU


We are experiencing some issues with the Open GL rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac with the AU version.

MacOS 10.13.4
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
XCode 9.3
Premiere Pro 12.1.1
We are using JUCE 4.3.1 (where this issue first came to our attention), however we have reproduced this in JUCE 5.2.3

we have been experimenting with an Open GL plugin that was suggested as a test case by Fabian in this post 3D OpenGL Plugin Example

When the editor is closed within Premiere, the render thread is stopped and destroyed, however the editor is not destroyed. This means that when the editor is brought back from it’s closed state the render thread is not recreated by the call to uiViewForAudioUnit, therefore the render loop does not start again.

It appears that the editor is only destroyed when the project is closed - this then destroys all the editors that were created.

This behavior is not the same in VST3 for example, where the editor is destroyed on closing the interface. This results in a proper recreation of the render thread.

Is this a known bug?

Many thanks


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Hmmm am I trying to reproduce this correctly?

I’m also not being able to reproduce this with our plug-ins which are JUCE 4.3.x flavor. (Premiere Pro)

Hi Fabian,

Thank you for your response - the issue is actually in Adobe Premiere Pro, not Final Cut Pro

That’s because you’re using our branch where this problem is fixed…

OK classic :man_facepalming:!
I don’t have access to Premiere Pro so I don’t quite know how I could check this.

Can you check the latest develop if it fixes your problem? I just fixed a similar issue (see commit e91def7) in Reaper.

In addition to the above commit, I just pushed another commit (2362ca9) to develop which fixes a crash in my previous commit. Both should be available on the public git repo in a few minutes.

Sadly the latest develop branch doesn’t seem to fix the issue for Premiere.
I will look at the branch linked from yairadix

In the meantime, I could put you in touch with my CTO who may be able to help with getting an NFR for Premiere?

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Oops, my bad

It appears the latest develop does indeed fix this issue.

The plugin was being placed into the User components directory whereas Premiere looks in the HD components directory. I had not updated the plugin correctly.

Thanks for the fix


Also I just realised that the GL fix from yesterday was missing a tiny check which would make a normal application window just disappear on startup. This is will be fixed on develop with commit aec8c36 which will be available in the public repo in a few minutes. So to summarise, you need the following three commits to fix this issue:

e91def7, 2362ca9, aec8c36

Sorry for the hassle.

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