[SOLVED]Plugin does not receive MIDI Clock messages

It looks like our plugin does not receive any MIDI Clock events anymore. I’m not sure if JUCE filters them out. This used to work in the past.

What I tried in Reaper with VST and VST3:

  1. Created a channel with the plugin instrument
  2. Connected a hardware instrument that sends a MIDI clock (I can see some red in the channel meter that indicates that we have MIDI input signals in reaper)

When I debug the plugin I don’t have any messages in the MIDI buffer. I also tried AU Lab with the same result. Is there something I miss?

Any help is welcome.

It looks like most hosts do not forward MIDI Clock anymore to plugins. I remember that this used to work a few years back. Or maybe someone can tell me how to do that…?

The good news is that I was able to receive MIDI CLOCK messages in the iOS standalone application. All ok on the JUCE side then :slight_smile: