[Solved] [Projucer] Changing "Target Project Folder" for XCode target breaks "Save and Open in IDE" button

Changing “Target Project Folder” for XCode target breaks “Save and Open in IDE” button.

Looks like it only works after re-starting Projucer.

Adding a call to HeaderComponent#updateExporters(); inside ProjectContentComponent::openInSelectedIDE fixes the issue.

--- a/extras/Projucer/Source/Project/UI/jucer_ProjectContentComponent.cpp
+++ b/extras/Projucer/Source/Project/UI/jucer_ProjectContentComponent.cpp
@@ -657,6 +657,7 @@ void ProjectContentComponent::openInSelectedIDE (bool saveFirst)
         if (auto* headerComp = dynamic_cast<HeaderComponent*> (header.get()))
+            headerComp->updateExporters();
             auto selectedIDE = headerComp->getSelectedExporterName();
             for (Project::ExporterIterator exporter (*project); exporter.next();)

I’ve pushed a fix for this to the develop branch here. Thanks for reporting.