[SOLVED] Send / Receive Data from Sibling Plugin

Hi all,

I want to know if it is possible to send and receive Data / MIDI to the next sibling Plugin ?

The Idea is to create a MIDI Plugin which manipulates a Instruments Plugin automatable Parameters.

I think it is possible to share some data in theory.
But it seems that for you it’d need to be real time.
The issues are that:

  1. you don’t know if the plugins run in the same process or not (some DAWs sandbox plugins)
  2. you have no clue about the order in which your plugins are processed, and they can very well be processed in parallel.

So sharing information is fine but for real time processing, I don’t think there’s any way.

Thank’s Dimbouche for the quick reply!

Fixed it by sending MIDI CC instead and using MIDI Mapping on the corresponding Plugin.