[Solved] Tooltips and modal dialog windows

I’m working on a VST3 plugin which has a single TooltipWindow component in the editor which handles displaying tooltips for controls. The plugin also has a couple of modal dialog windows that can be opened by the user at runtime. I have set tooltips for the controls in these windows, but the tooltips get drawn behind the modal windows and are partially or totally obscured. Can anyone suggest a way to bring the tooltips to the front?

I realized that this glitch was actually related to a separate MIDI monitoring plugin I also had loaded in the project - if that plugin isn’t loaded, tooltips display normally in my modal windows.

FYI, popping up separate windows (modal or otherwise) are kind of a no-no in plugins. You should always try to just hide/show components instead.

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@HowardAntares Thanks for the heads-up!

For anyone else who is thinking about using separate windows in a plugin, do a forum search for “modal dialog window plugin” and it will make you think twice about it!