[Solved] VS2013 build warnings in juce_core, JUCE 4.3.1

New build warnings from VS2013, in the tagged JUCE 4.3.1 release. This won’t pass our CI builds.

juce_HashMap.h(450): warning C4512: 'juce::HashMap<juce::String,int,juce::DefaultHashFunctions,juce::DummyCriticalSection>::Iterator' : assignment operator could not be generated

How about adding also VS2013 to your Jenkins node ? =)

Thanks for the heads up. A fix will appear on develop soon.

Thanks, working fine!

Will you consider hotfixing the 4.3.1 version as well?

I would still like to suggest that you fix this also on the master branch. Otherwise it’s not possible to do a proper build without warnings on the 4.3.1-baseline.

I.e. merge commit b35c2f2f61eb127b6c6b71525a8a7df073c1f75b to master

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