[Solved] Warnings latest tip

New build warning from latest tip (develop branch). VS2013:

juce\modules\juce_core\network/juce_URL.cpp(364): warning C4512: ‘juce::URL::createInputStream::ProgressCallbackCaller’ : assignment operator could not be generated (…\JuceLibraryCode\juce_core.cpp)

OK. This should be fixed on the latest tip.

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Another one now though:

juce_core\network/juce_URL.cpp(365): warning C4822: ‘juce::URL::createInputStream::ProgressCallbackCaller::ProgressCallbackCaller’ : local class member function does not have a body

Did you consider running a continuous integration server at Roli, testing every commit through a lot of builds on every platform?

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We do run continuous integration. Not sure why we don’t see those warnings… We are building in release.


Release mode also here, but only VS2013 produces this, not VS2015.