[Solved] Warnings latest tip


New build warning from latest tip (develop branch). VS2013:

juce\modules\juce_core\network/juce_URL.cpp(364): warning C4512: ‘juce::URL::createInputStream::ProgressCallbackCaller’ : assignment operator could not be generated (…\JuceLibraryCode\juce_core.cpp)


OK. This should be fixed on the latest tip.


Another one now though:

juce_core\network/juce_URL.cpp(365): warning C4822: ‘juce::URL::createInputStream::ProgressCallbackCaller::ProgressCallbackCaller’ : local class member function does not have a body

Did you consider running a continuous integration server at Roli, testing every commit through a lot of builds on every platform?


We do run continuous integration. Not sure why we don’t see those warnings… We are building in release.



Release mode also here, but only VS2013 produces this, not VS2015.