[SOLVED] Xcode AVPlayerView compilation issue on latest tip

Bit at a loss for this one - the only source of the problem I can see is that we have the video module included in our app.

Any tips appreciated!

resave your project with the latest projucer!

Well, I did, but I’ll delete the project files and regenerate them to be sure.

Right, so with everything cleaned out and starting fresh, I still run into this issue.

After some playing around, it appears that if the OSX Architecture is set to 32-bit or 32/64-bit, the linker error happens. With 64-bit Intel, it links.

This doesn’t work for us, as we need to target 32-bit along with 64-bit.

Running into this issue also.

Ah, it seems that the AVPlayerView class isn’t available for older SDK targets in 32-bit builds… We’ll have to try to find either a different class that works for older targets, or conditionally bring back the crappy old deprecated Quicktime implementation for 32 bit builds…

What deployment target does it start to fail with?

Any deployment target will cause the build to fail if 32-bit or 32-bit/64-bit are selected. (Even setting it to 10.12 fails to link!)

I’m already aware that AVPlayer’s min SDK is 10.7 on macOS, so my deployment target is set to 10.7.

It’s this class:
10.9 onwards

Okay, that’s fine I’ll set it to 10.9. Either way, the issue is still present.

Yep, just as I thought. I’d just kicked off a build on the server and it’s failed due to targeting 10.8. I think we can safely bump this to 10.9 though…

Joel’s, right, it doesn’t look like it compiles on any 32-bit target (even 10.12)!

Didn’t realise I was on Mythbusters but I’ll take it!

I just ran into this issue with osx 10.9 and juce 5.3.1.
This post is marked as solved but what was the solution for this?