Some advise needed


I’m working on a project at the moment and I feel that somehow I’m complicated things too much(as usual). It’s based on the standalone plugin wrapper. My plugin editor holds Haydxn’s layout editor component and a main panel. I want to send messages to my host when a user moves a GUI control while in ‘edit’ mode, so each alias object sends a message to the layouteditor on mouseUp(), which in turns sends a messages to the plugin editor which in turn sends a message to the audio processor which in turn sends a message to the host!! It works fine but I wonder if it’s all a little complicated. Ideally I would like to send a message directly from my alias object to the plugin processor but it seems complicated to do so. Do people think it’s ok to continue to use this simple, albeit verbose method of messaging of is there an easier way?


“All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection;” - David Wheeler

“…except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.” - Kevlin Henney

I don’t see a problem with your current implementation.


Thanks. I’ve actually found a way of bypassing one of those messages so I’ve removed one level of complexity at least. I might see if I can remove any more before continuing.