Some GUI questions

I’m on windows so the questions are Windows centric

  1. when i put a component in a Kiosk mode i get a very thin border around the window, and when i drag that thin border the whole window moves, it’s weird since i made the window setResizable (false, false), what else can i do ?

  2. how are mouse clicks calculated, i use WIndows7 on a tablet and would like to implement some sort of drag-to-scroll mechanism but i get itemClick events on ListBox items whenever i touch the screen, does it mean that a itemClicked event is just a mouseDown event and not a pair of mouseDown/mouseUp ? Is it possible to control that or do i need to subclass all my component to get that behavior.

  3. Does anyone have an example of how to implement scrolling with an inertia and maybe some sensitivity settings (like android/ios) but on Linux/Windows.