Some issue while recording Ogg file

Recording Ogg on 44 kHz is pretty fine, but using 32 kHz samplerate a quality is very poor.
This is format features or some Juce bug?

Hey, I just wrap the format, don’t blame me for its performance!

If I used other application like Audacity, this file format sound fine even in poorest quality setting. But in recording in Juce give me much more poorest result.

How did you record that? Your example sounds like you’ve recorded your computer’s output via a built-in mic, complete with feedback whistling (!)

No mic used at all. Both file are recorded from line in, and only samplerate was changed between records. Juce Demo application was using. I just replace WavAudioFormat with OggVorbisAudioFormat class in Juce Demo and set 32000 Hz samplerate. Can make screencast if you need it.

You understand the difference between sample rate and encoding bit-rate, right? You shouldn’t change the sample rate.

But TBH if the whistling noise is an artifact in the encoding, then I can’t really help anyway - my code just passes the samples to the ogg codec, I’ve no idea what goes on inside there. You’d need to investigate it yourself or ask the ogg authors for help about that.