Something between AlwaysOnTop and normal windows

…did it have that 2005? :wink:

Also you can do that with an arbitrary number of windows. The tool is one flag, my approach made it possible to have a base window, a couple of floating ones of the same importance and so on…

+3 – really need it here as well. Our host is just a regular application; on MacOS our modal plugin window gets the “topmost” style so it stays on top of everything else on the desktop, and on Windows it’s all to easy for the dialog to get behind the (now disabled) host app (e.g. after an alt-tab), leaving our users scratching their heads…

I did something similar, the downside is that it still messes with the order of windows when using Alt+Tab. Mainly if one of your “tool” windows is focused then as far as Windows is concerned your main window is not focused and it will be the first window in that list, in effect breaking Alt+Tab.

@CarlColijn That is probably a related problem, JUCE does not fill in the parent window handle field when creating windows, so as far as Windows is concerned there is no hierarchy between those windows. I had to fix that issue with native file choosers.

I’ve hacked together another solution that also seems to work;

Though I first want some confirmation from someone else on whether it is a correct design before I put it into production code.


+1 This would be great to have. Users have complained that one of our popup windows stays on top of the application, but also on top of every other application. I’d like something that stays only on top of my app, but goes behind other apps.


I’m also running into trouble with OSX not showing my window as the top-most one. :-(((( on Windows it was very easy to do. Why OSX has always be so complicated for such simple things? :frowning: