Something changes in constrainer?

i’ve experimented with the new release a minor bug on resize constrainer behaviour. since the alert windows are on screen all the time, i notice that with 1.29 i can drag alerts outside of the main screen, mainly because i’ve the taskbar on the top side of the screen not the bottom (as default users do), and my windows using resize constrainer are just going off the screen the perfect height of the taskbar…
just to notice, not so important.

anyway thanx a lot for 1.29… i was expecting something clean for ogg !

ok… I did have to make a lot more changes than you’d expect to get the native title bar stuff working, so not surprised there might be a few glitches! I’ll investigate…

ah yes, this was just a tiny bugette. Easy to fix in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, line 2107:

Rectangle& screen = monitorCoords.getReference (0);

    screen.setPosition (jmax (screen.getX(), r.left),
                        jmax (screen.getY(),;

    screen.setSize (jmin (screen.getRight(), r.right) - screen.getX(),
                    jmin (screen.getBottom(), r.bottom) - screen.getY());