Something's amiss with JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT

JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT’s “Live Values” window looks like this now over here:

Looks like it’s missing the fixed-width font it’s using for the code editor?

OK I’ve been staring at this bug for the last three hours. Somehow, only in the Live Values editor, CTFramesetterCreateFrame ( an invalid frame even if I supply it the exact same parameters as previous successful calls to the function.

I think I’ll need to put this bug in our backlog. It doesn’t look like an easy fix.

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If it can be of any help, we have experienced the same problem with the CodeEditor showing invisible text after an update to macOS Sierra.

We found that when using the default fixed width typeface name, the text becomes visible again if its size is set to 13.0 or more. Anything less than 13.0f will make the code in the CodeEditor disappear, exactly like in the above picture.

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Hi @yfede thanks for the info. I’ve added a workaround for the live constant demo by simply setting the font height to 13 points. I’ve also filed a bug to apple. Let’s see…

Any news on this? I ran into the same issue (fonts below 13.0f pixels get invisible on Sierra)?

Also the font rendering is much worse (you get some weird flickering while typing).

I thought this was fixed with this commit?!? Are you using the newest JUCE version?