Hello all!

Let me first I introduce myself. My name is Harrie Munnik from the Netherlands. I developped the EMpTy 250 reverb algorithm. I have been helped a lot with the first plugin series by other coders, but now I am now trying to understand C++ myself and do some work now with Juce.

I have version 2.0 running on Cubase/Nuendo etc, but I get bug reports from users trying to get it to work with Sonar. When trying the Sonar demo software I get oscilating sounds, just like the output returns to the input of the reverb. Is there anything going on differently with the VST implementation of Sonar?

Kind regards,

Harrie Munnik

Sorry, I can’t think of anything relevant to Sonar that would explain that…

Thank you for the responce. I also now have reports on stuttering, so there must be something else going on as well.

Okay I digged deeper. I downloaded the demo version of Sonar to figure things out.

My plugin has 2.0 and 5.1 covered. I made it with two different blocks and a switch between them. I now figured out that Sonar and probably also samplitude can not handle this.

It is made inside

[code]void EMT250Filterclassic::processBlock (AudioSampleBuffer& buffer,MidiBuffer& midiMessages)

if (buffer.getNumChannels()==6)

{Do the 5.1 reverb}
{do the 2.0 reverb}[/code]
Is there a better way to do this? Could it be that the:

[code]bool EMT250Filter::isInputChannelStereoPair (int index) const
return true;

bool EMT250Filter::isOutputChannelStereoPair (int index) const
return true;
Is bugging me? As a C++ rookie I must be doing something very wrong, who can help me out?

Thank you!


You can’t just assume that if it doesn’t have 6 channels, then it must have 2… Maybe it’s giving you 1 channel or something?

Thank you for your responce. I am still bughunting and figured out that it is not this part of the code that is giving the problems.