SortedSet<int>, removeValuesIn() not working?

Hello Jules,

A moment ago I updated juce and encountered the following problem.

SortedSet<int> toUpdate;
SortedSet<int> toRemove;


Error C2440 “return”: “void” can’t be converted to “int”
…\juce\modules\juce_core\containers\juce_sortedset.h 379

seems it expects a return value in ‘juce_sortedset.h’ …

ElementType remove (const int indexToRemove) noexcept
    return data.remove (indexToRemove);

… but the ‘data’ stored as Array<… something returns void in every remove() function.

Am I missing something?
Thank you for your help.

Hi Parawave,

Are you on the develop branch? This was fixed there a couple of weeks ago.


Wow, I didn’t even knew the develop branch is public.
I guess that solves the problem. Thanks.

One suggestion: Maybe a function within Projucer to update to the latest development state? Or is this too inconvenient for versioning?

Obviously the develop branch also contains slightly less tested stuff and often requires you to re-compile the Projucer when we did a bad commit. So we really only want people using it who are comfortable living on the edge and are happy to often re-build their Projucer - it might not be a good idea to make this more accessible. Just my thoughts…