Soul and foleys GUI magic

If you have a juce generated project from a soul patch is there any way to connect it to foleys GUI magic editor? Thanks a lot.

I think that’s a question for @daniel

Thanks for asking. I haven’t played with the SOUL patch generator yet, so I cannot say 100%.

But here my thoughts:
Currently there is a mandatory member in the processor called MagicGuiState, that also requires an AudioProcessorValueTreeState.

The MagicGuiState acts as interface to the processor, a bit like a multi-pin socket.
It is also necessary to feed the visualisations, e.g. to display an analyser, it is not known at which point you want the signal to be analysed, input or output or any other signal?
Or the oscilloscope, does it display the main bus or the maybe even a LFO?

Moving forward to juce-6 we can remove the APVTS requirement.
And if no visualiser is needed, it would probably be possible to add it at least as a single line patch.