SOUL and iOS

hello everybody, I am trying to port a SOULPatchHost project to iOS.
is it possible to use the same ‘SOUL_PatchLoader.dylib’ or was it built for macOS?

p.s. I apologize if I am making confusion between macOS and iOS because I am pretty new to both.


We don’t have an iOS build of the DLL. It’s technically possible (and we did have one running some time ago), but haven’t bothered to maintain this because it’s not legal to use a JIT compiler in an iOS app on the store, so there’s not really a whole lot of point building it for iOS at the moment!

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Thanks for the reply Jules.I feared that would have not be possible for iOS due to Apple policies ;( .
As my app will have to go on the store sooner or later I will keep prototyping in SOUL and then I will try to generate JUCE code from my SOULPatch, I guess is the best way to not loose what I have done till now