SOUL Bluetooth Question

I’ve been very interested in SOUL because of the reduced latency for mobile applications. I was curious if anyone knew what the latency limitations of Bluetooth might be (in a best case scenario) for mobile apps developed on SOUL with dedicated DSP? Would it be possible to get beneath 20 ms for bluetooth devices?

Bluetooth audio latency is independent and additive with respect to the kind of latency that SOUL impacts. Most Bluetooth audio latency is due to the protocol buffering and codec, which aren’t affected by use of SOUL. There has been work recently on reducing Bluetooth audio latency, especially using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). See So there is hope, however the new BLE audio is not yet widely available.

Low-latency aptX is a bit less than 40ms. Other A2DP codecs easily go into the 100-200ms range. So that’s all but playable. It doesn’t matter if you use SOUL or Javascript. :wink:

The whole point of SOUL’s architecture is to create a platform where the device on the other end of the bluetooth connection can be running the DSP algorithm with negligible latency. That means that for something like a synth, the network doesn’t need to send an audio stream, and could instead be acting as a much lower bandwidth/latency control stream like e.g. BT MIDI which can achieve <10ms.

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Ah gotcha, I was thinking only about the device with (dumb) BT headphones case (because job). Knowing the chips in such HPs I guess at least that case will be out of question for a while. :weary:

Sure, it’ll be a while before the average BT headphone can support that kind of thing… but without something like SOUL, it’d never be possible at all!