SOUL for Android

Hello there!

I have been checking SOUL and it looks nearly perfect for my use case (a modular synth environment where users should be able to supply DSP code for custom modules).

As I understand, runtimes have been supplied for MacOS, Windows and Linux. If I wanted to host SOUL patches on Android (specifically armeabi-v7a architecture), how to go about it?

Is there an Android-compatible shared library available, or will ROLI supply one soon? Is there a way for me to build the runtime for Android myself if needed?

Yeah, our CI doesn’t do an Android build at the moment. It’s probably not hard for us to support it (the only bit I can imagine being a hassle would be getting a build of LLVM for Android…) It’s a good FR, and we’ll look into it!

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That would be great! Hope it’ll be doable in a near future :grinning:

I know many audio apps are targeting iOS (where JIT compilation is a problem), but AFAIK that is OK on Android.

Support for the armeabi-v7a architecture would mean that SOUL can run on standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest (which happens to be one of my target platforms)…

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It’s a good point. We’ve built SOUL on Android before, so we know it works, it’s just that we don’t currently have a CI for Android up and running (and as for llvm on Android, i’ve got a script to build it so that shouldn’t be an issue). I’ve added to the massive backlog of tasks we’ve got to do, so it won’t get forgotten, but i can’t promise anything soon.

Any news on this one? Just eager to start opening up my app for community DSP code :smiley: