Have you already evaluated integrating SOUL with the AAX SDK? Offloading multi-plug-in graphs obviously will need support from Avid, but doing a single SOUL graph per plug-in may be doable with the current state of AAX, and is a very interesting use case that could help driving the adoption of SOUL.
Somewhat related: for cases where e.g. code signing or some form of validation process is required by some target platform, will SOUL optionally support compiling a given graph to some pre-configured backends on a build server (instead of JIT on the customer’s machine)?


We’ll certainly talk to Avid, but haven’t really thought too deeply about AAX yet. It’d be more of a legal discussion than a technical one.

I think if you really need to run SOUL on a signed platform them you’d probably just end up using the SOUL->C++ generator and doing a normal build once you’ve got the code right. Those platforms don’t generally permit jitted code to be used anyway.


It’s good to see that SOUL->C++ will be available - this should allow for building at least a limited AAX wrapping within the current legal bounds of AAX so that we don’t have to write the processing code twice for SOUL and AAX. I think this may be crucial to some of us.