SOUL V1 status

Bit of SOUL news for you: We realised that at some point we had to call it a V1.0 release, and today seemed as good a day for that as any other!

We constantly release the work we’re doing on SOUL, so this isn’t the kind of release where we’re suddenly launching a bunch of new features. But we have got a new documentation system started so there’ll be increasingly decent docs for the standard library.


So, should it be “January 20, 2021” here?


oh bugger, that was somebody else’s mistake that I copy-pasted! Thanks!

Congrats on the milestone. Where are you up to on the plan to be able to run SOUL on processors other than the general purpose CPUs in Macs, PCs or low cost embedded boards? The line “CPUs are a bad place to run audio code” is the part that interests me the most, so I’m keen to know how it’s progressing in that area. Thanks.

Yeah, we expected to have more people working on it this year, and unfortunately Ces and I haven’t had enough hours in the day to do the DSP/GPU work we wanted to.

Hey ho. Hopefully next year we’ll have more resources to look at that!


Great news. So is this now at a point where we can easily create SOUL projects in JUCE and build standalone/VST/AU/AUV3 using it?

+1 ! I’d love to see GPGPU, SHARC, and Blackfin support!


Wow! SOUL seems really powerful.
I’m looking forward to investigate it and try my Virtual Analog algorithms

It’s really cool to read through that document and see all of the parts of other languages that you decided to incorporate! the python [:] notation, the swift let style of declaration, the s.func() and func(s) are synonymous. i’m not sure what language that last one comes from, but it’s neat!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The s.func() == func(s) syntax is known as Uniform Function Call Syntax. The wiki link credits the idea to D and Nim, but I know other languages have similar concepts, like “extension methods” in C#. There have been proposals to add this syntax to C++, but I’m not sure how much traction they’ve actually gotten.

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Wondering the same thing, is it very easy to integrate soul into a juce project?