Soundbank question

I had a question pertaining to the project below which is an adaptation of the SFZero soundfont synthesizer for JUCE:

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to go about creating a “soundbank” for SFZero so instead of picking one soundfont you could choose a folder and all the soundfonts are listed within the box in the GUI, with each one being loadable by clicking on it. Just to clarify, I’m not trying to create presets but just display all the wav files/soundfonts in a given directory within a box of some sort.

so, you want to display a list of files in some sort of file browser:

and when you click on a file, it’ll load it:

it shouldn’t be too difficult to wire it up so when the listener callback fires, it does the loading process in this tutorial:
see the Using SFZero section which shows example code.

Thanks @matkatmusic. Sounds straightforward.