Soundcard woes

I’ve written a small automated ASIO recording program. Using JUCE of course.

Recording and end-to-end throughput works fine on our Digidesign M-Box. But the m-box is picking up some interference from somewhere (a god-awful screech. happens in Tracktion too)


We pulled in a Motu 825 mk2. When tested in Tracktion it works OK. But it won’t make a peep with my app! I’m getting silence recorded and no guitar throughput BUT I am getting to hear the metronome clicks that I mix with the guitar signal.

I’m currently installing firewire and the motu on my development machine so I can see whats happening internally with the debugger.

Any ideas Jules? Your code works OK with the motu! Mine don’t.

well tracktion’s using the same asio code as in juce, so it’s odd that they’re different.

Something to do with which channels you’re recording from maybe?

I nailed the problem. Programmer error!

I’d done a copy and paste and edit in the code where it sets up inputs/outputs. the inputChannel was being set twice…

inputChannel = [user selects input channel];
inputChannel = [user selects output channel]; //error. should be outputChannel.

This little clanger never showed up on the m-box because the input and output channels were both zero.

What a palaver!