Source VST automation capture

I’ve been long time wishing/waiting for someone to come up with third party utility VST plugin that would be able to easily and elegantly capture parameters set on sourse VST synth and drag it onton DAWs timelune . well some VSTs have that kind of ability ,partialy implemented , like HY sequencers can record its step automation and drag it onto DAW’s seq . ther’s STEPIC sequencer for examlpe as well but there is no plugin in the market that can receive parameter setting from source VST record/capture sequence and then dport it to DAW. I’m learning C++ and JUCE in parallel and eventualy want to develop utility VST can capture do that . i do not know why it has not been done yet by any developer . or may be it is too hard to code but it should be doable . question for all seasoned coders out there . is such a thing possible to achieve with JUCE or from your point of you at all possible without involvin cc maping headache ?