SpaceCraft Granular Synth

I just wanted to come on here and say a massive THANK YOU to Jules and the JUCE dev team. Because of this amazing framework I’ve been able to create SpaceCraft for iOS, Android and VST (just launched on iOS on Friday and somehow managed to get to #1 paid music ipad app UK on Sunday!). I honestly can’t imagine getting to this point with a cross-platform app without JUCE.

If you fancy trying it I can send promo codes.
thesoundtestroom demo review
ipadloops demo review

I’ll be back soon as I have some burning questions for the experts re: AU functionality and File access :slight_smile: !




Looks like a great project… I’d be happy to try it out if you have a spare promo code : )

Looks very nice. Congrats on a successful release!

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Great stuff. Not sure about the colour scheme but otherwise looks and sounds awesome! (I’d be up for a promo code too ;))