Spawning an app in the dock

So I’m stepping through the demo, and MessageManager::doPlatformSpecificInitialisation() seems to spawn an application in the dock. What would prevent this from being successful? I have one class derived from juce_application that isn’t successfully spawning a dock app.


I didn’t think an app actually needs to call anything to have an icon appear in the dock, does it? Maybe something in your build settings is flagging it as a non-gui app?

weird, I can’t seem to find any settings within the Target or Project that would be causing it. I’m stepping through the code and it goes

  1. instance = new MessageManager(); (juce_MessageManager.cpp:86)
  2. doPlatformSpecificInitialisation(); (87).

Immediately when I step into #2 your demo code spawns it’s self on the app, but for some reason my app doesn’t. Maybe I’m doing something out of order.

Odd. Check that SystemStats::initialiseStats() is getting called too - that’s where it sets up a few things like the menu bar, etc., which might possibly affect it.

Otherwise, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought there was anything in the MessageManager setup that would make a difference, except that it creates some callbacks for event handling, and that would be the same in all apps.

I’ll have a think about this one…