Spinning wheel with DualScreen + OpenGL on Mac


We experience a spinning wheel in the following scenario when working in dual screen with OpenGLRender enabled on Mac. Here’s the steps to reproduce:
0) Open app on display #1

  1. Turn off display #2 (with application still on display #1)
  2. Turn on display #2
  3. Spinning wheel

Unfortunately, I tried to reproduce using the DemoRunner app without success (maybe less stuff to draw which could influence the timings). N.B. we don’t do anything more than openGLContext.attachTo (*getTopLevelComponent()); like in the DemoRunner code.

Furthermore, when pausing the debugger during the spinning wheel, the callstack of every thread looks legit, no obvious deadlock.

Does this ring a bell?

For reference, a deadlock issue related to CVDisplayLink is mentioned here

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this commit on Juce6 branch seems to fix it on my end, thanks!

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