SplashScreen crash

Hey Jules

Just wanted to bring to your attention that if you set a SplashScreen to show (as in the documentation) when your program starts up and while it’s being displayed the user closes the program, an problem occurs.

SplashScreen::~SplashScreen() { if (ImageCache::isImageInCache (backgroundImage)) ImageCache::release (backgroundImage); else delete backgroundImage; <---- problem here }

Also, is it possible to set the SplashScreen to fade in and out?

Ah, ok, thanks. I’ll check that one out. It’s because the image cache has already been deleted when the splash screen is closed down. The fix is to add a member to the splash screen that stores whether the image is the cache rather than testing it in the constructor.

I’ve not done a fade-out, but it’d be pretty easy to do if you fancied customising it. Maybe I’ll add it while I’m fixing this bug.

As always, you’re on top of things. Thanks Jules.