Standalone app, can not select 1 input channel (only stereo)

I have an Audio Plug-In project type with Plugin format standalone app enabled.

I want to have only mono inputs available in standalone app but Audio Settings dialog shows always stereo inputs.

I have following Audio Bus configurations in place:
AudioProcessor constructor:
.withInput (“Input”, AudioChannelSet::mono(), true)
.withOutput (“Output”, AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true);

And I have overwritten isBusesLayoutSupported method:
if (layouts.getMainInputChannelSet() == AudioChannelSet::mono()
&& layouts.getMainOutputChannelSet() == AudioChannelSet::stereo())
return true;

But on the Audio Settings dialog I only see stereo inputs. See the image below.

How can I have separate mono inputs (ch1, ch2, ch3 etc) on the settings dialog?

When you create your AudioDeviceSelectorComponent what are you passing for the 8th parameter showChannelsAsStereoPairs?

Thanks a lot for the info. I’m not using AudioDeviceSelectorComponent directly on my code.
But I use (comes from the template)
StandaloneFilterWindowStandalonePluginHolderSettingsComponent which uses AudioDeviceSelectorComponent and defaults to true.

It seems that I can not change it without modifications to library code or creating my own StandalonePluginHolder class. Or does someone has other options in mind?

It looks like the constructor for StandaloneFilterWindow takes a const AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup * preferredSetupOptions = nullptr as the 6th parameter. I hate to ask, but are you even reading the docs? :wink:

Yes, I can read documentation very well, but thanks for asking anyways. No need to be rude here.

Unfortunately based on my understanding preferredSetupOptions doesn’t help here at all. It doesn’t contain anything related to stereo pairs.

When SettingsComponent is constructed it always defaults showChannelsAsStereoPairs to true. For this simple task, I would not like rewrite (copy paste) all stand alone app stuff.

I apologize if you took my question as rude. I prefaced it with “I hate to ask” because I knew it was a touchy question, and I did not ask if you ‘could’ read it, but if you were doing so. And, to that end, now we can ask did I even read the docs (lol) because I did not look deeper into what those options were! In any case, I am trying to help you. :slight_smile:

so… I have not used the StandaloneFilterWindow in a while, how does the Audio Settings dialog get displayed? I don’t see an API for in the SFW class?

No problem, I really appreciate your help! It has been very helpful.

I already made a solution for this by modifying the library code in a way that if the setup contains uneven amount of channels, stereo pairs won’t be shown on the dialog.

Other solution would be that I copy paste the existing library code to my project and start to maintain it.

I am interested for my own edification. When using the StandaloneFilterWindow, how is the device setup dialog invoked?