Standalone app with Dynamic Connections

Hi all,

I’m working towards a standalone app that will be a dynamic environment for building audio sequences and connections. Think Max or Isadora. There will be multiple independent pages, or sets of these sequences, that will eventually converge to a final mixer and then to the audio device.

I’ve been looking into potentially using multiple AudioProcessorGraph's for each page/sequence. But I’m still not sure about one main thing: dynamic connections. It’s my understanding, please correct me if I have any of this wrong, that connections in a graph are made via buses/channels and that you cannot change the number of busses while the graph is running.

So my question boils down to, how can I make an unknown series of connections between many audio producing nodes to a mixing node where the number of audio nodes is unknown?

One idea I had was to initialize the mixing node with a fairly large number of busses (25). If another connection over that count has to happen, do a resize with some amount of audio dropout. But my inexperience with Juce is makes it hard to know if this is the only way to handle it. Or if there’s a better alternative than using a graph.

Thanks in advance,