Standalone instrument plugin does not work with the MIDI keyboard

Standalone instrument plugin does not work with the MIDI keyboard. I tried sampler example, dsp introduction tutorial and other. Should this work with the MIDI keyboard? What to do? Synth using midi input tutorial works with MIDI keyboard. It’s not plugin, i know.

Is the problem on my side or it really works that way?

Guys, I should know.

Have a look at the audio plug-in demo:

Sorry to interject somewhat off-topic, but what is a “Standalone instrument plugin”? How can something be a plug-in but be stand-alone? A plug-in by definition requires a host, but stand-alone means it is its own app, right?

Juce have useful option to compile your plugin as standalone application. In this case it is standalone application, not plugin. But since this is a version of same plugin, I call it standalone plugin.

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Thank you! Could you be a little more verbose. What should I see there? Does it work with the midi keyboard in the standalone version?

It’s a demo plug-in which features a working MIDI keyboard in the standalone version.

Build it yourself, have a look at the code and experiment.

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