Standalone- prefs- Active Output channels have no labels

With standalone audio application,

In Audio & Midi Preferences,
ASIO device selected,
Active Output channels have no labels

I am using Juce 1.46 (unfortunately cannot switch to another version at that time),

Please could you help ?

Many thanks,

Well, only by suggesting that you move to the latest version, where this has almost certainly been fixed months/years ago!


As a user of the Juce framework, I hope you will understand that I need a stable and tagged version.
1.50 does not seem to be that one because it includes some important issues. That’s why I am stucked on 1.46.
And I cannot afford to get the latest, then get the latest again if encountering some problems.

I am sure that many users would particularly appreciate to have this kind of tagged version.

Best regards,

Well, I’d like to do a 1.51 pretty soon, so that might do the trick for you.