Standalone wrapper crash with no device


we found that the standalone wrapper in JUCE 7 crashes as soon as you select “none” as output device. That was not happening with JUCE 6. We tested both our custom wrapper and the default one, with the example Gain plugin on Mac. We haven’t tested it on windows yet.

To replicate the bug:

  • Build the GainPluginDemo PIP
  • Open the device settings
  • Select “none” from the output combobox
  • Crash


It doesn’t seem to crash here, although it does hit some assertions warning that the requested configuration isn’t available. Is that the same as what you see, or do you get an actual crash?

Hey @reuk, happy new year. Forgot to mention that the crash happens in release build. I hit the assertions too in debug. Thanks

Can you stop the code hitting the asserts? Like checking for null ptr. Or is it all Juce code from the menu selection? I’m not at my computer right now, so I can’t check.
If ‘none’ is a valid choice then why does it assert at all?

It’s all JUCE code. I tested with the GainPlugin PIP project, so there’s no custom code in there.

FWIW the GainPlugin Standalone isn’t crashing for me in Release when switching input devices. Tested on macOS 13.1 Arm.

Did you definitely test with develop?

yes, but I was a bit behind. Updating to tip seems to fix the issue.